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I’ve never been disappointed by any of Hate’s former albums, and the good news is: with Solarflesh I won’t be either. The new album by the Polish combo Hate goes on in the very same vein of the past, i.e. technical, slightly experimental Death / Black Metal, ambitious and well-thought. As a matter of fact, Solarflesh is the most logical, evident successor of 2010’s Erebos (means also: less mythical, less Post-oriented – cf.


The Greek band Enshadowed was formed about fifteen years ago and did release a handful of recordings before, mainly through Black Lotus. This new full length was recorded with Septic Flesh’s Fotis Bernardo at Devasoundz Studio, and indeed the production is rather clean yet not too clinical.

Buckshot Facelift

After some line-up changes, Long Island-based combo Buckshot Facelift return with the third long player, after Universal Goat Tilt and Anchors Of The Armless Gods. The band recorded the new album at Audio Playground with Keith Moore (production, engineering, mix and mastering).

The result is an amazing collection of unique, original Grind-explosions with a slight touch of exaggeration. However, because of the creative ideas, this exaggerated approach gets easily excused.

Saltatio Mortis

Manufactum III is another live-album (after I and II, but I guess you’re smart enough to find it out yourself), captured in front of about 8,000 wild fans during a gig in Hamburg, Germany.

Pros: wonderful sound! There is nothing that bothers when it comes to the sound. It is just like it has been registered in a few hundreds of takes in a professional studio, then enriched with the enthusiastic support of a couple of thousands of fans. Another pro: the instrumental part of the deal. My personal appreciation goes to the bag pipes and percussion parts

Joel Grind’s Yellowgoat

Joel Grind did a jam session in the vein of the earliest efforts by his main band, Toxic Holocaust, in order to pay tribute again to the roots of Metal. The result is a twenty five-minutes ten tracker (intro and outro included) that honours the Old School, i.e. early Bathory (especially!!!), Motörhead, Kreator, Countess, Venom, Sodom and, of course, early Toxic Holocaust.


Finntroll are one of the leading bands from Finland when it comes to Folk-injected Extreme Metal. I don’t feel like re-writing the band’s biography or discography right here, because the web from a wide world has all information you might need.


Remember the gore ol’ times?...

This is such a band that defines the initial core of Relapse’s roster. Devourment, the one from Dallas, Texas, are known for their mostly uncompromising, mercilessly blasting Grind-edged Death assaults. They do it with conviction, with brutal power, with great craftsmanship. Yeah, oops, they did it again!


The French horde Destinity celebrated its fifteenth anniversary last year, entre outre with the preparation of album # 8, Resolve In Crimson. This record was recorded again with Jacob Hansen (!) and it features guest vocals by Stéphane Buriez, whom you might know from another great French Extreme Metal act, Loudblast.

Dawn Of Winter

Dawn Of Winter were formed in 1990 (!) as Cemetery, paying tribute to bands as Candlemass, Trouble, Saint Vitus, Witchfinder General, Black Sabbath etc. After a short period, the members did choose to change the band’s moniker into the current one, and at the same time they decided to change their style into the initial approach (tributing the gothfathers of Doom), mixed with specific own-faced structures. Dawn Of Winter were born…


My Kingdom Music is a label that confuses me time after time. They do balance in between extremes; at the one hand, you have a lot of quasi-poppy, modernised and/or happily Pop/Rock/Metal material, and the other extreme balances towards the most obscure, underground-oriented Black-edged evilness. When I need to review a new record, released through this Italian label, I’m always worried: will it belong to the first category, or rather to the second one (or somewhere in between both of them).


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