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Originally released in 1998 through the very same label, Til Et Annet… was the second recording by Trelldom, a band with Kristian ‘Gaahl’ Espedal – think: Gorgoroth, Gaahlskagg, Sigfader, God Seed. Glad to hear it again, because it has been many years. Not because I dislike the stuff; on the contrary.


Totengeflüster (whispers of the Dead) were formed in 2007 by Totleben, who wanted to create his own interpretation of grim Black Metal with classical-symphonic elements. Soon he joined forces with a same-minded guy, Narbengrund, who wrote lyrics that did fit well to the music and ideas of Totengeflüster. Narbengrund takes care of the vocals too, by the way. And the line-up gets finally completed by Schattendorn, who performs the session drums (live as well).


Intractable are a Swiss quartet (Benjamin Kottmann-v, d; guitar players Markus Hospenthal and Dominik Meier; Michael Schuler-b). The band was formed in 2006 and released a first demo (with the title First Eruption) about two and a half year ago.

In Utero Cannibalism

Greek band In Utero Cannibalism was formed nine years ago and released two albums before, Psychotic Killing Lust and Frenzied, both via OBSE Productions. They were also able to perform along known acts like Napalm Death, Pungent Stench, Malevolent Creation, Massacre or Nile. During summer 2010, however, In Utero Cannibalism were put on rest, at least for a while.

Epitome Of Frail

Germany’s Epitome Of Frail were formed more than a decade ago. Throughout the past eleven years, the guys recorded a handful of recordings that did not really reach a proper audience. Nevertheless, Epitome Of Frail were able to play lots of shows in their home country with major acts like Hatebreed, Napalm Death, All Shall Perish, Fall Of Serenity or The Black Dahlia Murder.

Alter Self

Alter Self were formed more than five years in Athens, Greece, but in mean time there wasn’t but an official EP (2009’s Ashes Over Eden) to please some thrasheads’ hearing organs. It mainly has to do with obliged military service (WTF, does it still exist in current society? Another pathetic proof of our useless mankind…).


As appetizer: check out the reviews (professionally and grimly) done for this splendid website in our archives section for Aeon’s former releases.

Repulsive Aggression

Norwegian act Repulsive Aggression was formed almost five years ago by some Svarttjern-members (guitar player Saether and grunter Holter), with assistance of drummer Nødset (Frail Grounds). They did record a three-track demo a couple of years ago, which drew attention of Schwarzdorn from Germany, resulting in the current contract.


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