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Fatum Aeternun

History as it, that this Tel Aviv based Israeli Sympho-Goth Metal band was originally conceived as a Folk band by Steve Gershon (mandolin, bass & vocals), Ze'ev Gut fiddle & vocals) and Olga Braverman (flute & vocals) and was described as a Renaissance Metal act due to the use of Renaissance and Medieval motifs played in a Metal-Crossover style.

Vitruvian Man

Following a lengthy songwriting period, the full line-up formation of this Melbourne, Australia based modern Progressive Rock band finally came into being in early 2009, settling on singer Dan Swan, guitarist Glenn Kirkwood, bassist/ backing singer and keyboardist Johnny Glovasa, and drummer/ backing singer Greg Stone.

The Southern Experience Band

This fairly young North Carolina based Southern Rock quartet consisting of lead singer/ guitarist/ keyboardist Scott Sanders, lead guitarist/ backing singer JT Fitch, bassist/ backing singer Ron Humphries and drummer/ backing singer Jon Humphries (and the “young” also relates to the members, except for the bassist, who's obviously older, judging from the photographs in the album's booklet) first let themselves be heard of on a wider scale than just the live gigs through the release of their debut EP Beginnings in t


From Adelaide, South Australia, comes a quintet [composed of singer (say shouter) Matt Kavanagh, guitarists Steven Dennis and Leigh Vergou, bassist Seb Bohm, and drummer Kim Fiddaman] who took influences from several sub-genres of Metal to create their own Post-Thrash hybrid.

E. V. E.

This band was started as a Melodic Prog Rock solo project by American – Greek composer-singer Vicky Psarakis in late 2010, whom recorded this EP with the help of several talented Greek musicians [in fact, George Kollias on the drums and Elias Nousis on keyboards, guitars, bass and saxophone were the main contributors, with the track “The Planet's Cry” seeing collaborations of Tasos Asonitis on electric guitars, and Konstantinos Stavrou playing the acoustic guitar solo] at Athens' 9800 S

Babylon Mystery Orchestra

B.M.O. is the solo musical vehicle of Greenville, Alabama based Sidney Allen Johnson, and  Poinem Cherem is the 6th album on which he brings his typical socio-politically incorrect thoughts to life. For info on those previous releases, read the review of The Godless, The Godforsaken, And The God Damned in the TSM/SLW Promotions special also featuring Arbogast, Toyz and Yotangor, posted April 18, 2010..


There are not that much internationally known Metal acts from South Africa, but one of the most interesting ones is a pretty young act, Bloodbeast, formed in 2011 by some (current or former) members of Bile Of Man, Demented Martyr, Fuck The Corpses, Architecture Of Aggression and Divine Plague. With gratitude to Infektion, Bloodbeast will be able to penetrate the metallic spheres of the Northern hemisphere.


Pffhhhh... If some disappointment in The Art Of Loving (the 9th album under the Eloah monicker, by the now in Holland residing Austrian Elmer C. Fuchs) rang through in that sigh, then I've accomplished my goal (alternately, you know know what was meant, uh?).


Schysma is the creation of keyboardist Martina Bellini, with the help of bassist Giorgio Di Paola, both originally members of a band called Purpleknights. In September of 2009, after years of live performance in rock and metal clubs across Northern Italy, the two began working together to compose original songs.


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