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Heid are a pretty young act from Spain, with former members of Liquid Graveyard and The Thousand Faces. They released a three-track demo in 2013 and shortly after, the band started working on a first EP, which this review will deal with. It’s a five-tracker that lasts for almost half an hour (the songs have duration in between four and eight minutes).


Paranorm is a thrash metal band based that comes all the way from Uppsala, Sweden. They have been playing together since 2008. 2010 saw the release of a demo and two EPs (Pandemonium's Rise, 2011 and The Edge of Existence, 2014). During that time, the band has been playing numerous shows around Sweden. They aim to create a melodic and progressive form of thrash metal, while still retaining power and aggression that is the foundation of their idea and music.


Young quartet Hirsipuu hails from Finland and self-releases the eight-tracker Ihmisestä, which lasts for eighteen minutes. This means: short tracks, all of them in between two and three minutes, so expect a fist-in-the-face product that will take no prisoners. And indeed it does not.


I am so pleased with the current evolution concerning our beloved site. Is it because I am such an excellent reviewer (probably it is, hehe), but we do really receive so many great material lately (and faeces of a male cow, aka bull shit, as well, unfortunately). So, to keep it short: Russian act Toluca, with Memoria, a forty-minute seven-tracker, stuff I am getting pretty crazy about.

Crown Of Asteria

Crown Of Asteria are a solo-outfit by Meghan Wood, who formed this project in 2011. There seem to be some releases before, like a first full length in 2013 (called North), as well as a split with another excellent solo-project, Twilight Fauna, and after listening to this album a couple of times, I will certainly search for etc. etc. etc.

The 1984

Founded in 2009, this Brussels based Groove Rock quartet brought us a first sample of their musical prodigy with the demo The Nightmare Before, recorded in April (at Noise Factory ) and released in September of that formation year.

Reptile Youth

This Danish duo (consisting of Mats Damsgaard Kristiansen and Esban Valloe) was formed in 2009, first operating under the monicker Reptile & Retard. They soon changed their name because they preferred to be seen as a “movement” which would allow them to work in a frame within which many stylistic changes could happen, rather than be pigeonholed at any time!

Ghost Of A Bullet

Consisting of lead singer Gunther Uytterhoeven (also of Damn our Idols and Massif, and having a past with Serengeti and Saint Agatha), guitarists Jo Sente (whom apparently comes along with most ideas on which the band as a whole then constructs the songs) and Wim Van Cauwenbergh, bassist Jody Croes, and drummer Niels Schuyten, this Belgian Modern Metal band was founded in 2012.

Basement Critters

Founded in 2011, and consisting of singer Thomas Marijse, guitarists Didier Cottenies, Sven Caes and Glenn Labie, bass player Frederik Declerck, and drummer Gianni de Lobelle (whom recently affiliated himself to this here website as a reviews writer), Basement Critters is a Belgian Heavy Metal band with roots in Punk-Hardcore act Fuseless (of which some BC members were part), which rocked the local stages in the Flanders provinces during th

Albo Dukes

Hum...no info supplied with the promo copy we got of this album, so all I got to go on was whatever info I could find on the “net”...which isn't that much either (in fact, much of the info gathered below comes from already published reviews I found)!


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