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Reverted from UK London, came together in 2010. Playing metal current members are: Tony Vega (Vocals), Daniel Ruiz (Guitar), Lui L Valle (Bass) and Ozzy Preciado (Drums)

Khaos Aeon

The German act Khaos Aeon was formed in 2006 by Isaz (g, v) and Phosphoros (d), and in 2011 they debuted via Fog Of The Apocalypse with the full length studio record Exitus, an album that did include the Dissection cover-track Frozen. Two of the songs, by the way, also appeared on the split-cassette Anarchonic Deathworship, which also includes Canada’s Blight and fellow countrymen of Svathyr.

Blackwitch Pudding

Blackwitch Pudding’s debut cd has been out for some time already but only now has found its way to our reviews. If you like the sound of one song on this 7 track cd you're bound to like them all. This band is slave to the distorted monstrous claustrophobic riff and guitars buzz in an emphatic low-tuned blur, surprisingly reliable groovy drumming, brief bursts of speed, mid-tempo marches and a narcotic-dazed delirium pervading the slower passages.


I got/ found but little info on this Vicenza based North-Italian band, but I'm happy to share with you what I know about 'em.


Occasionally, some really great musical gems come out of the dark fogs of Northern Italy, and his band from Mantova certainly counts in that category. Well, actually the city (with some 50,000 inhabitants) is an exception in the usually very industrial north of Italy, as being surrounded by three lakes and having a rich and beautiful historical center (the town dating back to the 6th century!) rather makes it a touristic attraction.

The Grave Jinglers

Cripey...I don't know why I even bother starting this review. I mean, how would you react when, after having spent three quarters of hour in research on a band which released a 4-track EP already 9 months earlier, you suddenly find out that what you're sent is just the one song off that same EP? Would you toss the thing in the garbage can, and wait for a next release on which you find out the band is working? Hum...I guess I have more journalistic integrity than that! But I usually insist on at least being given a good representation of a band's material, before reviewing it.

Suffer The Wrath

Hailing from Springfield, Illinois, Suffer The Wrath have created two self-recorded EP’s before, Suffer The Wrath and Buried In Blood (2009 and 2012 respectively). Right now they are working on the debut full length (which will probably be entitled Opposition Dethroned), but for now we will have to do with the band’s third EP, Divine Sign, which was recorded entirely (engineering, mix, mastering) at Manuf(r)actured Media with Jon Dale.

Wheel of Smoke

A couple of years ago, I gave the band’s debut In Sense a big thumbs up, primarly for the way they managed to bring so many different influences together for a veritable progressive rock smorgasbord. Everything from Opeth, King Crimson, Agalloch, Ozric Tentacles and Comus. 

Killers Lodge

Killer Lodge raised out “Raza de Odio” previous band of Johan KillerBob in 2011. Members are: John KillerBob (voice, bass guitar), Olly Razorback (guitars) and Christo Machete (drums). They aimed to play some raw, fast and dirty rock ‘n’ roll. The result is a bunch of old-style heavy metal songs flavored with a pinch of raw rock ‘n’ roll that will bang your hand.


It's been 3 years since Zwevezele based (the small town, population ca. 5000, is situated in the West-Flanders province, and lays roughtly in the middle of Brugge and Kortrijk) Belgian quartet TrafficjaM self-released its debut full-length album Headstrong (review done by yours truly), and since then some interesting changes happened. First of all, a new member entered the fold in the form of bassist Hanz, whom turns out to be a perfect match/ complement to guitarist TJ's rawer lead vocals.


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