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Notti Del Terrore

This Industrial Metal act was formed in 2007, after singer KVN (also known as Kevin) and bassist Wim of Antwerp based Groove Metal act Tud Russel decided they not only wanted to head in a more brutal and heavy direction with higher pace and aggression levels, but also in a more diverse one. With their then current band, such a thing turned out to be impossible, and in fact later that same year TR split up.

Francesco Marras

Francesco Marras is a guitarist from the town of Sassari, in the North-West of Sardinia. He started his career back in 1997 in the Heavy Metal act Eruption, which recorded only the one 1999 demo Where I Am Nothing, and changed its name (with the same members) to Screaming Shadows in 2001.


Based in Lismore, Co. Waterford, South Ireland, Melodic Metal act Sirocco was formed in early 2003 as an instrumental quartet, of which today only rhythm guitarist Jim Tobin remains.

Locus Control

Founded in late 2005, Locus Control is another band from that small suburb village at the North-East of Kortrijk, Belgium. You may remember that Immanent Distance was from the same place...and although both band have a thing about progressive music, they still are quite different.

King Hiss

Short on the heels of the band's 3-tracked, self-titled debut EP release, this Belgian “Rock” quartet comes along with a new 7-track mini-album, again self-released. A review of the first EP, done by colleague Jeroen was posted 03/02/2013, and is obviously still available for your scrutiny. My review will however, grab back to the band's origins, as that was regrettably omitted.

Crimson Rain

Hailing from the water district in Argovia, Switzerland, this quartet consisting of singer Florian Siegrist, guitarist Matthew Lewis, bassist Vito Marella and drummer/ backing singer Alain Liesch claim a difference from the usual Prog Rock/ Prog Metal type of bands, as they neither indulge in the (and I quote) “...drug-infused '80 organ wanking, nor fiddle 24-minute tracks consisting of one single guitar solo in 7/8...”!

Arms Of War

In 2010, guitarist Vadim Grebenko left behind the activities in Brussels based band Bloodshot (founded in 2000, they originally player a mix of MetalCore and Hardcore, and later moved to a Groove/ Death Metal hybrid), and re-joined with former colleague Alex Shag (whom had played drums with Bloodshot until somewhere in 2007) to form a new band.

Soniq Theater

Oh my, has it actually been 2 ½ years since Alfred Mueller (the sole person behind this one-man Sympho-Prog Rock project) contacted us last, because of the release of his Unknown Realities alum (posted 13/06/2010, that review is still available in this website's “Archive” section, should you suddenly become interested in checking out the man's antecedents)?


Here's something novel: a Hard Rock band styled on British and American bands in the genre, coming from Istanbul, Turkey, where the band, today (sóme line-up changes did occur) consisting of lead singer Bullent Calli, guitarists Dost Akyildiz & Sherhan Akalin (the latter also performing backing vocals), bassist/ backing vocalist Ali Evcimen and drummer Ozkan Oral, was formed in 2008!


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