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This Italian Heavy/ Gothic Rock act from Trieste (the most extreme eastern coastal town in Italy's North, almost bordering the Slovenian border) was founded in 2005 by singer Giorgia Sacco Taz and guitarist Luigi Pressacco, who had an idea of a keyboard-infused Gothic Rock based on Heavy Rock riffs and Giorgia's obscure and introspective lyrics.


The Tool meets Baroness meets Converge meets Gojira meets Every Time I Die- songwriting is strong and very aggressive and the band focuses entirely on just making down to earth music. Also, depending on your taste, the vocal tone can grow a bit tiresome after a while.

Teloch Vovin

Teloch Vovin are a young quintet (Pestis, G/, Proph, Jos-sothoth and Gemini) from the New York City environment. They debut with a full length studio record intelligently titled I, which will be released in 333 copies only. Like the band’s moniker might indicate (this goes for the members’ nicknames as well, of course), the approach is based on occultism and mystery.


This Rio De Janeiro based Brazilian Heavy Metal act was formed in 2009 by former Reckoning members Guilherme Sevens (vocals, also formerly with Death Box and It Sows Within), Carlos Eduardo Salone (guitar, also formerly of Neutralis), Marcelo Vai (bass, formerly of Imago Mortis, now playing with Obsin), André Andrade (drums, formerly of HeavenFalls, currently with Stalker) and second guitar

The Senseless

The Senseless is a solo-outfit by former Berzerker member Sam Beam, with a first album in 2007, called In The Realm Of The Senseless, and a follow-up one year later on, entitled The Floating World. The latter, however, never got released for a couple of reasons. The contract in between The Senseless and the former label, Anticulture, came to an end, and Sam’s perfectionism implemented a release-cancel time after time.


Reproacher’s history starts at during Autumn 2009 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Some former members of different Hardcore bands joined forces to create their own material and to perform live on stage. Especially those live gigs were (are) very well appreciated, and Reproacher were able to play along notorious acts like Weekend Nachos, The Body, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Trap Them or Early Graves, amongst tens of others.


Grimus (named after a novel by Mister S. Rushdie ‘question mark’…) are a (Latino-Iberian) quintet (vocalist Bryan Martinez, drummer JP Andrade, guitar players Marco Bobadilla and Michael Munoz, and bass player / singer Michael Goncalves) from New Jersey, U.SSS.A. In 2009, Grimus recorded and self-released the positively accepted and reviewed EP Gutter Earth, and this album, Omnicide, is the band’s official full length studio debut.


There are a couple of bands from Americana Latina Tralala (read: Latin America) that inject their Metal with traditional elements. Sepultura are the best known example, of course, but ‘underground insiders’ will surely recognize the name of Acrania, hailing from the South of Mexico.

An Uncertain Collision is the band’s second full length, combining primal elements from conventional death Metal with a huge touch of Latin Swing: Bomba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Merengue and Plena. Feeling sick already?


Here's another album which should've gotten in colleague Ivan's to-do box (see also intro to review of Saligia EP/ mini-album, posted at same time), but this time at least the editor-in-chief cannot be blamed for the mix-up, as the (download) promo came only with a track-list.


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