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Black Tolex

Anzegem, a village and municipality in the Belgian province of West-Flanders, is a relatively rural town in the hilly country between the rivers Leie and Schelde, situated some 15 km from Kortrijk in the direction of Gent.

Kill For Eden

Kill For Eden a 4 piece London based rock group. The band is based around lead singer Lyla D’Souza’s powerful but tuneful vocals. Members are: Lyla D'Souza (vocals), Dave Garfield (Guitars), Andrea Basiola (Guitars), Wally MMiroshnikov (Drums) and Mike McGuiness (Bass).


As 2013 is coming to an end I realized that I have left some of the better albums of the year un- reviewed. The Argentinean Dragonauta is perhaps the most notable. Dragonauta have been roaming the scene for 15 years now and ever since their beginnings I have been a big fan and for just as many years they are one of those bands that never even remotely received the recognition that they more than would deserve for their releases. There’s something to be said about a band that have been around for so long and are still kicking.

Aetherium Mors

Almost ten years ago, Aetherium Mors from the U.K. were founded by Kane Nelson (vocals) and Dan Cough (instruments) in order to pay tribute to the likes of Carcass, Death, At The Gates, Dissection etc. The initial line-up, however, didn’t hold (due to a lack of interest or persuasion or appreciation by the other members), and the duo went on as a studio-only project. Both of them, by the way, also got involved by other musical outlets.

Harbour Of Souls

Goes based Dutch Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal band Harbour Of Souls was founded some 2 years ago by now singer (then drummer) Martin de Jong and lead guitarist Jesper van Hoften, who'd by then already been playing in bands (together or apart) for ten years.


Finally, after five years, Carneia return with their second full length, after 2008’s White Coma Light (Offerandum Records). In mean time, the band toured with acts like AmenRa, Black Heart Rebellion, Maudlin or Bulls On Parade.


Belgium, a country unknown to most, but I have to admit we spawned a decent number of musicians and bands. One of those bands is Dyscordia, a progressive metal band from Kortrijk. The band has been at it for some time as they have been supporting bands like Primal Fear, ReVamp, Ensiferum, Alestorm, At Vance,…..

Not Above Evil

While at University Of Manchester, lead singer/ bassist Sideeq Mohammed, guitarist David Gwynn and drummer Daniel Mucs (also known from the bands Collibus and Wolfcrusher) founded NAE in late 2009, with the intention of developing a unique brand of Metal driven by brutality and technical precision.

Crimson Falls

Darn...it seems almost impossible, but the new Crimson Falls album exceeds my expectations with giant leaps. I'm só exhilarated I can't think where to begin first to explain...but first, let's give you an update on what's been happening with the band since we last came across this great Belgian Melodic Death Metal/ Metalcore act, shall we?


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