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Damn Your Idols

Aha...the return of a Belgian band which, in 2008, brought great expectations by releasing its self-titled debut full-length through the Apache Productions imprint, and then went on to play at the prestigious Graspop Metal Meeting festival, prior to suddenly splitting in 2009, and thus effectively crushing any anticipations of putting our country on the global Metal maps (and charts) with a band which could cut the chops!

Aggressive Dogs

Returning from a promotional trip with Channel Zero (of which he is co-manager) to Japan, our editor-in-chief came back with a threesome of promos for upcoming releases by the bands Gunship666, Loka (check back on a later date for posts on those albums), and Aggressive Dogs, and it so happens that the latter marks the return to the realm of releases for a true Japanese Hardcore legend!

Nota Amara

Nota Amara is a band that hails from Novocherkassk a city that is situated in the Rostov region in Russia.  And although the song titles are in English, the vocals are in Russian, a language that I have not mastered until today, so she could just as well be singing about how to cook borsjt, a Russian soup, as reciting the manual for a video recorder, anyway I don’t understand a jota of it.

Dawn Of A Dark Age

Dawn Of A Dark Age are a new project by two Italian guys, Vittorio ‘Eurynomos’ Sabelli (guitars, bass, drums & percussion, saxophone, clarinet, piano, keyboards, additional vocals, music, lyrics, and production; sole member of new project Suicidal Ruins, and member of R-Evolution Band) and Pierluigi ‘Buran’ D’Amario (lead vocals, both screaming and clean; also involved with, for example, Athanor, Rigor Mortis and Hellsteps).

Nebula Orionis

Nebula Orionis are a very young project from Russia. There was a first EP in early 2013, called Aena, followed by a second one at the very end of 2013 (Glacie), and a full length in early 2014 (Summer). All of them have been self-released, but Kunsthauch will give a proper distribution right now, at least on the second record, Glacie. Let’s hope the rest will follow soon.

Ambient Death

American quartet Ambient Death nowadays consists of Lucas Klepacki (vocals and guitars, lyrics and music, and artwork), bass player Aady Pandit (who took care of the production as well), John Orsi (guitars) and Jaimen Shinn (drums). Dismembering The Image Of God is their third studio effort and it lasts for about thirty seven minutes.

At Dusk

This release is a compilation of material written and composed by Ross ‘Korihor’ Major, who’s active in Murk Rider as well, and formerly in Folivore and the defunct Black-duo Lurid. MMXI - MMXII consists of five hymns, lasting in between seven and thirteen minutes. Most tracks are taken from hard-to-get splits (with the likes of Nattferd or Korium, a.o.

Celtic Dance

Celtic Dance are a Portuguese band that was formed about twenty years ago by Laldaboath, Tzaboath and Conquerer. After the recording of the debut Ancient Battlecry, which came to life with assistance of a fourth member, Xeque-Mate, Laldaboath and Tzaboath decided to leave. Soon after, both of them formed Arkenstone, but that’s another story.


Chaos & Hibernation is not a new album but it compiles both demos done by Canadian act Bâtard, Chaos / Ultra (2011) and Hibernation (2013). It will be released in a limited edition, so you need to hurry up in case you’re interested!


This North-Italian outfit was started as a side-project by Vicolo Inferno bassist Il Daz. His intent was to invite befriended musicians (and anyone else wanting and willing to express his/ her inspirations) to come jam on stage with him and drummer Moretti Butcher. A first gig however resulted in these two main characters falling into a heated argument, to the point of the two eventually breaking apart.


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